Nick Lockett

Nick Lockett is a barrister and solicitor. He is currently with ADL Solicitors (ADLSOLICITORS.COM).

He is the only lawyer in the UK ever (so far as we know) to have held concurrent practicing permissions both as a barrister and solicitor (done with special permissions from Bar Council and Law Society in order for him to complete a retrial of a case of special public importance).

Nick Lockett qualified from university as a biologist and became a successful merchant banker, subsequently re-qualifying and practicing as a barrister for many years in the Inner Temple before being headhunted by a large American law firm to head up their commercial and internet practice in the UK and transferring therefore to be a solicitor. He also practiced for 2 years in Brussels where he obtained a detailed knowledge of the workings of the European Commission and law-making at a community level. He now operates his own boutique law firm with Italian avvocato Gerardo Aprovitolo specialising in commercial law (see below).

During the. early days of the Covid19 crisis, Nick Lockett was instrumental together with long-standing friend & barrister colleague, Manus Egan, in founding the Association of Pandemic Lawyers, an association of solicitors’ firms and barristers with the purpose of providing a co-ordinated and well resourced service offering legal advice and assistance on all legal aspects of the COVID19 crisis during the lockdown and thereafter and covering employment issues, insurance (and denial of cover) issues, health and safety issues, breach of contract and force majeure issues, solvency issues and other legal matters arising from the COVID19 pandemic.